10 Investors, £100,000, a million opportunities

Welcome to “Venture Causeway” an exciting new venture capital competition launched in May 2013 to help entrepreneurs in the Borough of Coleraine to start-up or grow their business.

Venture Causeway has brought together 10 local business people known as the Causeway Champions to create a £100,000 funding pot to offer local entrepreneurs access to investment and mentoring to develop and grow their businesses.

The competition is open to both existing and new businesses in Coleraine, including those not yet started but who have a clear business idea and well thought out strategy.

The competition will provide support, coaching, mentoring and investment funding to help you grow your business or launch your new business idea.


  • Venture Causeway is aimed specifically at businesses within the Borough of Coleraine
  • The competion is open to both start-up and established businesses
  • Our Champions are looking for feasible business propositions with growth potential.
  • Your business must demonstrate a financial need where funding and mentoring can make all the difference to the success of the idea.
  • Application for the current funding period is now closed and our Champions have chosen to invest in a total of 20 local Coleraine Businesses.

Outputs to Date from Phase 1:

  • In phase 1 of the Venture Causeway Initiative 48 businesses applied, and 26 progressed onto stage 2 – The Pitch.
  • In September and October 2013 these 26 businesses made their Pitch to the Champions.
  • 21 Business ideas were identified as meeting the Champions Criteria with a total of £83,800 investment offered.
  • 8 of the 21 Businesses were in the early stage of  starting up and were awarded a “Kickstarter” fund and one to one mentoring to launch their business.
  • 13 Businesses were offered a total of £78,300 investment and in-depth mentoring support to develop and grow their business.
  • Investment and Mentoring commenced in November 2013 and has been on-going in the 12 months since.
  • In November 2014 Venture Causeway will be catching up with the successful applicants to hear their success stories which will be featured on the News Section of this website.

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